I am currently on maternity leave! Classes will return early fall 2020 < 3

Class Schedule

I teach two weekly classes in Palermo. Both are open level Hatha flow, which allow the newer as well as the more experienced yogi to go on a journey within, as body, breath and spirit move in togetherness. The classes take place in a very special location on Via Alloro in Palermo’s historical centre, in a gorgeous, dynamic and bright space, with 200-year-old hand painted ceilings and a direct view of the lush palm trees of Giardino dei Giusti. The exact address is given upon class registration. Classes happen on the following days:

✳︎ Tuesdays 10-11:30 am ✳︎

✳︎ Fridays 10-11:30 am ✳︎

Registration is required, so if you are interested in taking part or joining our private chat group where additional classes and workshops are offered, please get in touch with me here or on +393270941630. I am also available for private bookings – private classes may be specialised according to your needs, such as prenatal, postnatal or a particular health condition, or simply a way to go deeper in your practice by answering all those questions.


I am a certified Hatha Yoga and Pranayama teacher (RYT 500 hours) who combines movement, breath and Mudra into an explorative and introspective practice of Hatha flow. In my classes the intrinsic connection between movement and stillness is at the centre and the flow of Prana through body and breath experienced.  The practice of yoga is for me a practice of coming into alignment with oneself through a process of observing what is present. It is to witness how body and mind reacts to discomfort and bliss and to simply stay with it, breathe through it and develop neither attachment nor aversion to any of the sensations. I extensively draw inspiration from Vipassana meditation, but am also interested in the more mystical aspects of early Hatha and Tantric practices. When I discovered yoga, it was as if I discovered completely new dimensions of existence and of the Self and that’s when my journey of expansion began. This is also what I seek to share with others on their path of discovering and practicing yoga – allowing yoga to be a liminal space where deep self-knowledge is cultivated, from which an understanding and acceptance of life as it is, arises. The physical body forms the vessel granting us access to this liminal space, because when we are present with the sensations of the body, we tap into the groundedness of our physical body, the lightness of the breath and the profound oneness only experienced in presence. I believe that what we do on our yoga mat in no way is separate from how we live and treat ourselves and others. Those tools that we access in our practice profoundly change the way we go about in life, as being present with what is connects us to a sense of limitless expansion far beyond the frames of our reality and that spills over into everything we do.

I did my three year training to become a yoga teacher in the method Pranayoga with Amanda and Maurizio Morelli and through it I gained extensive knowledge of anatomy, Indian cosmology as well as philosophy and spiritual theory such as Chakra – all of which continuously and enormously influence and inspire my work and my classes. I am also specialized in pre- and postnatal Hatha Yoga and Pranayama.