Yoga teacher

Yoga is the love of my life and my guiding light. Yoga… fixes everything? The deeper I go in my practice the truer this rings. It was instant love too, a real love at first sight moment.

After about three years of regular practice I pursued a three year long 500h+++ extensive yoga teacher training in the method PranaYoga within the lineage of Hatha Yoga. Over the years since my certification my offering has diversified.

I teach Hatha flow – creative, playful, loving and fun. I love it because it is as strong as soft. Light, yet grounding. Deep, uplifting and expansive. It is a path towards the self, that is centering in its ways of including all those apparent polarities within us. When teaching I emphasise this in my sequences both energetically and anatomically. 

Apart from the Flow sessions I offer, I teach pranayama, restorative flows and Yin yoga and I am a pre- and postnatal yoga specialist. Yoga is part of all my birth preparing and postpartum work. 

I believe that yoga has the potential to be a liminal space of possibility for all of us. I am continuously humbled by the wisdom of this ancient practice and its unique ability to create union and wholeness. 

If you want to practice with me you are welcome to join one of my weekly open classes or workshops either on zoom or in our stunning Shala in Palermo. I am also available for private as well as corporate bookings. All my classes are taught in English.

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