Open Classes

Weekly Sessions

Sunrise Flow (zoom)Mondays 6:15-7:15 •

Step into your week at sunrise, connected, centered, calm. Working with uplifting Pranayamas and Surya Namaskar, these morning sessions are an offering of an energising reset, taking you into the work week with awareness, openness and ease. Reach out for the details you need to access the sessions. This class is currently on summer break.

Creative Full Body Flow (Palermo) – Tuesdays 19:30-21 •

In our weekly extensive 90 min all level Hatha Flow we let each breath be an invitation of lightness and space. Coming together to practice side by side has never been more important. These sessions take place in our incredible Shala on Via Alloro overlooking the palm trees full of parrots at Giardino Dei Guisti. For registration, details and the address, get in touch. Places are strictly limited according to safety and health regulations.

Playful Flow (zoom)Wednesdays 20:00-21:15 •

This steady yet soft intermediate class, where we make space both for expansion and integration, is focused on playfulness, lightness and creativity. Ancient practices of Mudra and meditation invites us deeper into ourselves and beyond and brings about connections and new passages within . Sign up here

Open Air Slow Flow (Palermo) – Fridays 9-10:15 •

Immersed in the elements practicing in the grass, by the sea, surrounded by a dynamic city which is surrounded by mountains, this weekly class is something very special. We meet at Foro Italico – for exact location and to sign up, get in touch.

Monthly Sessions

Full Moon Flow (zoom and Palermo) – 24.7 – 20-21:15

These sessions are focused on different types of moon salutations of the Hatha Yoga tradition. In centering ourselves monthly we honour our cyclical nature and get a chance to set intentions for the cycle ahead. Each month tapping into this field of our practice will be a different experience, as you yourself has grown and shifted since the last time the moon was full. Coming sessions: 24.7, 22.8, 21.9.

New Moon Yin Yoga (zoom and Palermo) 8.7 – 20-21

With each cycle’s new moon we come together to connect to the wise, obscure, feminine divine by slowing down body and mind and dropping into a state of being and observing. The new moon is a powerful time to let go as it serves to present a turning of pages giving us a chance to begin anew. A little lighter, a little more centered, a bit more in tuned. Coming sessions: 8.8, 7.9.

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