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Your journey into parenthood is a personal and unique expansion your family, your heart and whole being. Like any profoundly transformational process, having soulful, gentle and intuitive support can create an aware and empowered journey of blossoming and becoming. I look for connection in my work – of course connection to the families I support and each of its members – but above all, I look for them to establish connection to themselves. As a trauma informed yoga teacher, doula and lactation counsellor, I witness sacred work of bodies being transformed, families being born, and babies being held in equal softness and fierceness by their mums and dads. In my work each of these roles blend together to serve my clients where they are at the moment I am present with them. 

Pregnancy is a time of great work, as much in the physical form of this definition, as emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In supporting families as a doula my emphasis is on wellbeing and education, through in depth exchange and conversation about birth; movement; breath work; childbirth education and birth preparation. Understanding birth as a physiological process and what we are bringing with us as we show up to that process in terms of hopes, expectations, ideas or fears, is the first step in knowing which tools will serve you at this time. We then provide you with those tools through our work together. This is what my doula support looks like.

Birth is the ultimate portal and one that carries powerful potential. As much as we prepare for it, it’s an event beyond our control – in fact releasing our sense of being in control is one of birth’s big challenges. Birth asks us to fully surrender, completely trust and wholly be in the body. If the body isn’t a place where we are used to seeking out trust and presence, this can feel like an immense task. As a doula I help you find that connection and support you navigating the deep waters of birth from your centre and based in the important work we’ve done ahead of time. My intention as a birth doula is for my clients to feel supported, safe and held no matter what. 

Postpartum brings together all that we learn through pregnancy and birth, while putting us to test in whole new ways. Just like there isn’t one kind of birth, there isn’t one way that this time is experienced. It can be blissful, vulnerable, healing, hurting, challenging or all these. It’s a day by day experience, sometimes hour by hour, but one thing is certain and it is that supported we move through these ups and downs with more awareness, ease and joy. Regardless if you need support with breastfeeding, processing your birth, baby care, care and attention to your body through breathing and pelvic floor re-integration, postpartum nutrition or help at home my postpartum doula support shows up fully. 

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