Virtual Services

Virtually all my services are available online as well as in person. I’m happy to discuss with you personally how my work best can serve you and your family. Book a free initial consultation.

Virtual Consultation Support

Birth Preference Consultation Deciding where and how to give birth is one of life’s biggest and most important questions, that takes both time and information to answer. Yet, due to a highly pressured healthcare system, we often need to decide this as soon as the early weeks of pregnancy, in order to access the care we wish, especially if there is curiosity for a birth beyond the hospital setting. With this added stress many of us settle for the options that are easily presented to us, rather than looking within and asking ourselves: Where do I see myself giving birth in the gentlest and most empowered and fearless way? Who do I want by my side as I birth? In which setting does my baby want to be born? To answer these questions one needs to be informed about the options that are available to us. I am here to listen as you explore your preferences, but also to ask you the questions you did not know you needed to answer, so that we can set you up for a birth in full alignment with yours and your family’s preferences and make sure you are the best prepared for it.

Prenatal Support Session My prenatal support sessions are there as an open and safe space to explore all topics that come with the inevitable changes as you welcome new life. This ranges from birth preparation, pregnancy bodily and mental health topics, foetal positioning, writing a birth and postpartum plan to learning how to hold your own space during pregnancy and birth and knowing how to advocate for yourself as well as breathing and movement advice for everyday life and your birthing day. It also includes setting yourself and your home up for welcoming baby as well as literature references and preparation for the sacred postpartum time. Depending on what you want to focus on I am happy to create a format that works for you and your family in terms of number of sessions and setup.

Postpartum Support and Breastfeeding Consultation We tend to spend a lot more time preparing ourselves for the birth of our babies, than for the sacred and intense first few weeks with them. The fourth trimester is the time we spend getting to know our little ones and their needs, but it’s also the time we heal and recover from the hard work of pregnancy and birth. The importance of rest for this healing to take place cannot be stressed enough. Sleep deprivation, feeling unsure about what our babies need or struggling with breastfeeding is so, so common and if you find yourself feeling stressed out, getting the support you need is crucial for you and your family. Stress has a powerful impact on our bodies and can effect our mood, our recovery and, in the case of breastfeeding, our milk supply. It is a time we truly learn the power and importance of self care, as our little one depends on our wellbeing and we heal from a journey demanding most of us. My knowledge of the postpartum time extends from the first latch and healing after birth to postpartum nutrition, meal planning and baby- and toddler-wearing.

Childbirth Education Being informed is our greatest ally when it comes to birth. Knowing the nature of the natural physiological event of childbirth is understanding how we were made to meet its demands and how we can best allow our bodies to do so. You already know how to give birth, but sometimes our minds gets in between. At other times our care providers have a different idea than us of what we need. In these moments being informed is key. It allows us to advocate for ourselves and request the care we want. I teach childbirth education in three evidence-based chapters: Physical Birth, Emotional Birth and Knowing Your Options, which together cover the anatomy of birth, the bridges between the physical and emotional experience of birth, how to prepare ourselves on all levels, coping mechanisms for early and active labour and delivery, birth breathing guidance, birthing positions, pain management and birth partner support techniques such as massage and rebozo. Most often I speak to both birthing parent and birth partner at these session that extend over three hours and can take place at any time in the pregnancy.

Virtual Doula Support

Virtual Pregnancy and Birth Companionship Through my work as a virtual birth doula I offer pregnancy and birth companionship, with a strong emphasis on birth preparation. When I accompany a client through pregnancy and birth virtually, I make sure we build a solid foundation and strong connection by speaking often and having weekly or bi-weekly check ins, allowing me to follow their journey intimately. From that clear presence I offering my support and knowledge how and where needed. I also work closely with whichever birth partner, if any, will be physically present during the birth. This way we develop a team dynamic with the birthing person and their preferences at centre and actual supportive and powerful tools will have been explored and practiced many times before they are needed. During the birth I am ‘there’ by video chat or by phone to support the sacredness of your birth. The virtual Birth of Light pregnancy and birth companionship includes:

  • Limitless support by phone, email and texts, meaning you can reach out to me at any time, from the moment the contract is signed until 6th week postpartum. 
  • Weekly or bi-weekly check ins with me by video chat or by phone where we discuss how you are doing, what your needs are, how to prepare for birth, nutrition and holistic health and whatever is important for you at that time.
  • Breathing and movement exercises chosen specifically for your body and baby as a ritual of centering yourself and preparing for birth.
  • Support completing and if needed translating your birth plan. 
  • Two weeks before and two weeks after your estimated due date, I am on call and ready to be fully and completely virtually present with you at any time 24/7. 
  • At your birth, I am there from the active birthing phase until the end of the golden new born hour, continuously and intuitively supporting you and your family emotionally, gently guiding your with my knowledge and experience of childbirth and holding space with the intention of allowing you to fully and completely focus on birthing your child, while feeling safe, centred and empowered.
  • One virtual postpartum support session within the first ten days after your baby is born to check in on you, discuss the birth and see if further support is required.  
  • Literature and media reference list for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  • Support in understanding how to prepare your family and home for the arrival of your baby. 

Virtual Postpartum Doula support My virtual postpartum doula work is focused on honouring the sacred healing time after birth that is there for bonding and recovering, as undisturbed and supported as possible. This is support that should be granted parents even during times of social distancing and lockdowns, when feeling isolated can contribute to the challenges of an already humbling time. I am ‘there’ to support my clients feeling confident and centred as they take their first steps as parents. Each session is like a recap of what the last 24h have been like, so that those steps can be what they need to be: baby steps.  

  • Me checking in on you and your baby daily or as often as desired, and offering gentle and soulful advice with the intention of creating a healing and peaceful bonding baby bubble for your family.
  • My knowledge and experience as a certifying breastfeeding counsellor.
  • Advice and support with baby sleeping and feeding cycles from the newborn stage into toddlerhood.
  • Newborn care and mama care – healing after vaginal or cesarean birth.
  • Pelvic floor reintegration through gentle exercises and breathing work following birth.
  • Emotional support transitioning into parenthood and processing the birth.
  • Recipe sharing of nourishing and delicious meals and drinks.
  • Tips on how to create a calm and harmonious space around you with everything you and your baby needs.
  • Limitless support by phone, email and texts, meaning you can reach out to me at any time, from the moment the contract is signed up until our work together is done.

Virtual Yoga and Pranayama

Hatha Flow Find the rhythm of your breath and let yourself ride it as you let go of everything else. Yoga is a sacred space where we come to meet ourselves and Hatha Flow offers that liminal experience where stillness and movement co-exist side to side and within each other. Expect to look deep within during my classes, expect to be challenged, but also to feel held and supported and above all connected.

Yin Yoga is a practice of opening up and letting go. Finding stillness is a brave and radical act and although Yin Yoga Asana from the outside may look less ‘advanced’ than handstands or the splits, the opposite is true for most of us. It is a practice that allows us to let go not just of physical tension, but also of the voice of our ego and invites us to do less and feel more. As we surrender often we find bliss.

Prenatal Hatha Yoga Pregnancy is a powerful time to tap into a deeper understanding of our bodies and minds and my prenatal classes are there as a space to explore that realm and access the tools that will be essential for the journey ahead. Hatha Yoga and Pranayama offer countless ways to support the pregnant yogi in the physical, emotional and energetic changes (and challenges!) that arrive with the transition of holding and birthing life. Indeed, like nothing else yoga nurtures those connections between body, mind and spirit – connections we depends on as we birth our babies and become reborn ourselves as parents. Let yourself move through this journey whilst feeling grounded, strong, secure and at peace. I teach prenatal yoga that is suitable for yogis in all trimesters, with or without previous experience of Hatha Yoga. 

Postnatal Hatha Yoga Returning to the mat as a newborn parent is both a humbling and compelling experience. What we may meet is a new body, softer, squishier and milkier than before. We may also meet a lot of emotions as we come into a body that is processing and healing after pregnancy and birth. Whatever it is that we experience as we arrive back into our yoga practice, it is essential we meet it with openness, acceptance, patience and grace. The postnatal practice should be a space where the postpartum body is honoured and cared for as strength and stability is gently reintroduced.

Pelvic floor centred Yoga and Pranayama In this class we focus completely on the muscles at the base of our torso that provie support to so many of our basic functions: breathing, moving, bearing weight, elimination and whole body-stabilisation. For having such an essential role in our health, how to keep it healthy is often poorly understood, even though pelvic floor health is attainable through almost any sort of physical movement, as long as there is awareness and understanding. This class is suitable for anyone with a vagina, but is especially beneficial before, during or after pregnancy.

Pranayama In my pranayama classes modern problems are solved with ancient tools. We all know how to breathe, but sometimes over some time we forget. One of the most common issues with stress is that we restrain the breath, but the problem with restraining the breathe is that it triggers our fight and flight response, which produces more stress. Likewise, a deep and steady breathe, creates a stream of calmness through our whole being.

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