“Emma is truly gifted in her doula work and her support throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum has been life-changing. I know Emma well and trust her completely, having practiced yoga and had shiatsu with her over some years, so when I became pregnant I immediately turned to her. Through weekly tailored yoga sessions with me and my birth partner, Emma shared practical knowledge and maternal wisdom softly, intuitively and incrementally. She built us up – both mentally and physically – for the transition to parenthood. I had a vaginal birth and it was joyful. I went from low to high risk and in the dynamic situation felt empowered in my choices and enjoyed the adventure. A great advantage of connecting virtually with Emma, when normal contact with midwives was reduced during lockdown, was the consistency of care. When it came to labour, I could be in the oxytocin bubble with my partner, confident that as I went further into the zone, he could consult with Emma. And when it came to hospital, a third person was not allowed to be physically present, but Emma’s voice was indispensable. At crucial points, I have been lifted and held by her. I am deeply grateful to have shared this journey with Emma and wish that many more women and families may flourish with her care.”

Dolly, virtual yoga, lactation and doula client

“My highest recommendations and love for Emma! She was my (online) doula and yoga teacher all the way through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. After the birth she also assisted me and my baby with breastfeeding techniques when we were struggling, and since then we have been enjoying every minute of it. Throughout this whole phase Emma has always been there and helped me find calmness, strength and connection to my baby and I’m forever grateful for her professional yet personal guidance.”

Ellinor, virtual yoga, lactation and doula client

“Thank you so so much for all your support – yesterday and throughout the journey over the past months. ❤️ We did it! ❤️ Was so amazing to have your wisdom and strength from afar – particularly your reassuring and motivating voice messages. They all arrived at exactly the right time, and were amazing little boosts of positive energy! Felt like we had the perfect team between you, the midwife and the doctors who popped in. Very lucky!”

Clementine, virtual doula VBAC client

“Thanks to Emma’s wonderful guidance throughout our prenatal sessions, I felt stronger mentally and physically. I got great advice that made me feel better prepared and got me really excited about giving birth to my daughter. Grateful for this experience and looking forward to joining her postnatal classes! I would recommend Emma’s classes to everyone!”

Sabina, birth preparation and pre+postnatal yoga course participant

“I was lucky to be supported by Emma for the birth of my first son in September 2019. Emma has everything that one can want to have as support during pregnancy and birth. Her scientific,  evidence-based knowledge is harmonised with her spirituality… This made her an irreplaceable and unforgettable part of my birth team. She was always there for me anytime when I had a question or worry. She is not only a doula, but also an inspiring yoga teacher. Her yoga practice helped me to get rid of my back pain as well. Thanks to her support, I was informed about all the choices I had and felt secure and empowered. With her guidance and support, I had my first baby boy naturally and spontaneously in my arms. It was a birth that I will always remember. Now I am a bit upset the fact that she is not living in Berlin anymore. With no doubt, I would hire again and again.”

Irem, doula client

“Emma is an incredible doula, I would really recommend her and I am so grateful that she was there at the birth. The reason why I appreciate her work so much is because she was fully present with me throughout the whole process. She was guiding both me and my partner, showing him how to support me the best and she created general feeling of connection in my birth team. Emma kept giving me suggestions that brought me to move as I needed to and also finding the birth mindset.  She massaged me, we chanted together and I was so grateful that she was there. During the birthing phase, she was so strong, physically holding me up, while I was birthing my son. I needed this clear and strong woman, who could guide us with her clarity, power and knowledge.” 

Ronja, doula client

“Having Emma by my side through my daughter’s pregnancy and birth was precious! I feel blessed for having such an incredible professional by my side. Emma is attentive and caring, could easily understand my needs and provide the support I needed in each step. I wanted to have a birth without interventions and she helped with kindness, encouragement and helpful techniques during the process. With her by side, I had the birth I wished for and I’m very grateful for that. Emma also gave support to my husband, so he could be present and give me the strength I needed. I’m confident I had such an amazing birth experience because Emma was there with me. Emma, our little family can’t thank you enough :)”

Patricia, doula client

“I worked with Emma throughout my late stage of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. During that time Emma gave me incredible amount of support – both physical and emotional. She went out of her way to make sure my birth preferences were met, which they were. She was always there for me, compassionate and empathic, aiding every time I needed a helping hand. I felt I could always rely on her and had great assistance in every aspect of my  journey in becoming a mother. I’d gladly recommend Emma to anyone.”

Klaudia, doula client

“I am very happy my path crossed with Emmas in spring. She was a confident companion during my pregnancy, gave me the feeling of security and supported me with her warm energy in many ways. Unfortunately I could not use Emmas doula service for too long as my pregnancy ended too soon. Also after my miscarriage Emma was there for me and offered me her help. I can not describe how grateful I am for having her by my side in this time. Thank you so much!“

Steffi, doula client

“Emma makes you feel like every class is just for you, even when the room is full. Her care and attention as a teacher is whole and undivided; her classes bring you into calm and confidence in before she challenges you to a new physical or mental understanding. I leave every one of her classes having made a new connection within my spiritual and behavioral self. Emma is a warm and kind human and a truly exceptional yoga teacher. I feel incredibly privileged to have met her.”

Jessica, pre- and postnatal yoga student

“I attended the prenatal yoga classes with Emma throughout my pregnancy and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Emma brings your mind and body to a calm place, makes you feel grounded and gives you the tools to prepare for the journey ahead.”

Annetta, prenatal yoga student

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