1:1 Sessions

Working with me privately is a good choice if you are dealing with a specific condition/injury or simply want to deepen your practice in a setting where there’s room for all your questions. Listed below are the sessions I offer, which are available both Palermo-wide and virtually-online for one on one, corporate and group bookings, by 60 / 75 / 90 min in English. Book a session here.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is for the body, mind and spirit with the aim to amplify the healing that takes place when these three are connected. With extensive knowledge and experience Birth Of Light yoga therapy brings you home to yourself, allowing you to access the clarity needed to move through inner and outer obstacles. A deep and profound work that transforms, heals and sustains.

Hatha Flow

Find the rhythm of your breath and let yourself ride it as you let go of everything else. Yoga is a sacred space where we come to meet ourselves and Hatha Flow offers that liminal experience where stillness and movement co-exist side to side and within each other. Expect to look deep within during my classes, expect to be challenged, but also to feel held and supported and above all connected.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice of opening up and letting go. Finding stillness is a brave and radical act and although Yin Yoga Asana from the outside may look less ‘advanced’ than a handstand or compass pose, the opposite is true for most of us. It is a practice that allows us to let go not just of physical tension, but also of the voice of our ego and invites us to do less and feel more.

Prenatal Hatha Yoga

Pregnancy is a powerful time to tap into a deeper understanding of our bodies and minds and my prenatal classes are there as a space to explore that realm and access the tools that will be essential for the journey ahead. Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Yin Yoga offer countless ways to support the pregnant yogi in the physical, emotional and energetic changes (and challenges!) that arrive with the transition of holding and birthing life. Indeed, like nothing else yoga nurtures those connections between body, mind and spirit – connections we depends on as we birth our babies and become reborn ourselves as parents. Let yourself move through this journey whilst feeling grounded, strong, secure and at peace. I teach prenatal yoga that is suitable for yogis in all trimesters, with or without previous experience of Yoga. 

Postnatal Hatha Yoga

Returning to the mat as a newborn parent is a humbling and powerful experience. What we may meet is a new body, softer, squishier and milkier than before. We may also meet a lot of emotions as we come into a body that is processing and healing after pregnancy and birth. Whatever it is that we experience as we arrive back into our yoga practice, it is essential we meet it with openness, acceptance, patience and grace. The postnatal practice should be a space where the postpartum body is honoured and cared for as strength and stability is gently restored.

Pelvic Floor Yoga

In this class we focus completely on the deep and superficial layers of the muscles at the base of our torso that provides support to so many of our basic functions: breathing, moving, bearing weight, elimination and whole body-stabilisation. For having such an essential role in our health, how to keep it healthy is often poorly understood, even though pelvic floor health is attainable through any sort of physical movement, as long as there is awareness and understanding. This class is suitable for anyone with a vagina, but is especially beneficial before, during or after pregnancy.


In my pranayama classes modern problems are solved with ancient tools. We all know how to breathe, but sometimes over some time we forget. One of the most common issues with stress is that we restrain the breath, but the problem with restraining the breathe is that it triggers our fight and flight response, which produces more stress. Likewise, a deep and steady breathe, creates a stream of calmness through our whole being.

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