Birth Of Light Breath Awareness Meditation

When we breathe the world pours in and out of us. It is the essence of connection – not just between inner and out realms – but throughout all our forms. Body, mind and spirit get weaved together once awareness settles on the breath and we allow the breath to breathe us. Try it yourself, it is magic.

This meditation slowly builds up to a gentle pranayama called Samavritti Pranayama – The Equalising Breath. It is suitable to anyone. There are literally no contraindications as this pranayama is naturally non-forceful, but always be mindful not to strain. In pregnancy do not practice extended breath retentions – let your breathe flow freely at its natural rhythm in your Samavritti practice.

Birth Of Light Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is there for you the days you need to gather all of your resources. It is a practice that connects our body, mind and nervous system to the profound healing of deep sleep, only we remain awake and aware for the 20 minute practice. It leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed all at once, making it ideal for tired, stressful or difficult days of pregnancy and postpartum. It is a meditation for anyone who wants to tap into the power of rest.

This is the second in a series of three free recorded meditations released on Birth Of Light, honouring the powerful and tender inner work with do in pregnancy and in the postpartum time.  

Birth Of Light Breastfeeding Meditation

For World Breastfeeding Week 2021 my offering is the first in a series of three free recorded meditations I am releasing on Birth Of Light. This one is for the breastfeeding parent to practice while breastfeeding. It is made as a deep dive into the presence of the current experience of your body and being, by creating connection to yourself in the often hazy postpartum time. 

Postpartum is particular in the ways that days are simultaneously slow and fast. Healing means coming back to a familiar yet wholly new self. Caring for this precious new life sometimes happens on the expense of even basic self care. Such is postpartum at times. That’s why that connection is so important. 

Next time you sit down to nurse take your headphones along. Close your eyes. Put your phone down. Simply be and let be, receive.