As a birth and postpartum doula I view myself as a holder of sacred and intimate spaces. While pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time are deeply transformative moments of life and powerful catalysts for blossoming and growth, each of them are also humbling in the challenges they offer. Having gentle, intuitive and comprehensive support along the journey is essential and makes a true difference. The doula, with her gentle supportive presence, continuously guides you back to yourself, reminding you of the tools you’ve acquired over the pregnancy as preparation for the birth and of your chosen intentions.

• Prenatal Support •

I always meet my clients where they are at on their journey, but with each of them I see it as part of my important work to make sure my clients are informed and grounded in all of their choices and to support them in finding the type of care that aligns with their vision of birth as well as teaching them to advocate for it. Whether I am physically supporting a client during birth or guiding them virtually through pregnancy, my presence is continuous, deeply caring and intuitive, based in my diverse trainings and experience. 

Finding our intentions for birth begins with looking closely into our own understanding of birth. Unlocking some of our preconceptions about birth often uncovers important messages from within – hopes, fears, desires and concerns, that all play significant roles in how our birth preferences take shape and the kind of support we are looking for. I am there with my clients as they get to know their own personal needs and desires for the birth and to help them be as prepared and set up for that specific vision as possible, by acquiring real and effective tools to have on hand. 

The goal of my prenatal work is that my clients are physically, emotionally and mentally connected to the vision they have of the birth and feel fully and completely prepared for it. My prenatal work includes birth preference consultation, embodied birth preparation, childbirth education, prenatal Hatha Yoga, prenatal Pranayama, prenatal Yin Yoga, birth partner preparation and breastfeeding education. Once I start working with a family we meet weekly – sometimes we just talk, sometimes we just practice, but most of the time we do a little bit of both. This way over the course of the pregnancy, you prepare in a slow but profound way not just for the birth, but also the time after, while staying in continuous connection with yourself. With some families I work only with the pregnant parent, but often the partner joins for some or all sessions.

• Birth Companionship •

My family centered birth companionship can happen in person Palermo wide as well as virtually-online. The presence of a doula at a birth can make the difference between a gentle, aware and empowering experience and one which leaves us feeling like we did not have the choices we’d opted for. The doula’s role is to support the birthing parent in ways that includes physical and emotional guidance, wisdom, experience and advocacy. She can be your – and your partner’s – anchor as you ride the waves of birth and fully immerse yourself with the sacred and immense task ahead. I have accompanied many types of birth: vaginal; cesarean; in or out of hospital. Many of my clients have intentionally unmedicated births, but I support every birthing person to birth in alignment with their needs and desires. There are as many ways to birth as there are babies born and all of them come with their own teachings and blessings, as all births are powerful, unique and full of potential.

• Postpartum Support •

Just like during pregnancy, having someone on your side with experience and knowledge makes an immense difference postpartum. The postpartum doula is traditionally the person who cares for the birthing parent following birth by feeding her nourishing foods, gently guiding her in her newborn parenthood and supporting her, the whole family and the home in anyway needed. It is a truly delicate time that can feel vulnerable in its absolute freshness and intimacy, so the task in the hands of the doula need to be handled with utmost care. As the days slowly turn into first and second week, I support people who have had vaginal births with gentle pelvic floor reintegration that slowly (slowly!) builds up to the pre-pregnancy strength and support that they previously had. When my client’s body is ready we practice postnatal Hatha Yoga and Pranayama that does not serve only to regain her physical integrity, but also to create an important ritual of self-care in the first year of parenthood. 

My more immediate postpartum support also includes breastfeeding counselling. A breastfeeding counsellor is there from the very beginning to support the breast- or chestfeeding parent to get to know their ways around feeding their baby in the ways that come intuitively to them and their child. My breastfeeding counselling begins like all work that I do – by creating connection between body, mind and breath – and from there, often using the approach of Biological Nurturing, I encourage my client to explore ways that work for them and their babies, while I offer hands on feedback and useful tools.

If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch so we can schedule a free initial short consultation to get to know each other and discuss how I can best support your family.

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