Birth and Postpartum Doula

As a birth and postpartum doula I view myself as a holder of sacred and intimate spaces. While pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time are deeply transformative moments of life and powerful catalysts for blossoming and growth, each of them are also humbling in the challenges they offer. Having gentle, intuitive and comprehensive support along the journey is essential and makes a true difference, as a doula, with her soft supportive presence, continuously guides you back to yourself, reminding you of the tools you’ve acquired over the pregnancy as preparation for the birth and of your chosen intentions.

Finding our intentions for birth begins with looking closely into our own understanding of birth. Unlocking some of our preconceptions about birth often uncovers important messages from within – hopes, fears, desires and concerns, that all play significant roles in how our birth preferences take shape and the kind of support we are looking for. I am there with my clients as they discover their own personal needs and wishes and to help them be as prepared and set up for that specific vision as possible. 

I always meet my clients where they are at on their journey, but with each of them I see it as part of my important work to make sure my clients are informed and grounded in all of their choices and to support them in finding the type of care that aligns with their vision of birth as well as teaching them to advocate for it. Whether I am physically supporting a client during birth or guiding them virtually through pregnancy, my presence is continuous, deeply caring and intuitive, based in my diverse experience and up to date evidence based knowledge.

I have accompanied many types of birth: vaginal; planned cesarean; in or out of hospital. Many of my clients have intentionally unmedicated births, but I support every birthing person to know what they want. My own personal experience includes a premature hospital birth and spending the first week with my daughter in the NICU. The birth of my son was a pretty much unassisted home birth. Each of these came with their own teachings and blessings, like all births do in their unique, powerful ways. 

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