I am a certified birth and postpartum doula, who also works purely prenatally with some clients through one-on-one sessions of body and breath focus as birth preparation. My birth work is extensively influenced by my commitment to the Hatha Yoga tradition and always begins with the connection of body, mind and breath. During the three years I studied to certify as a Hatha yoga teacher (RYT 500 hours), I specialised in pre- and postnatal yoga. I have also done two years of training in the Japanese healing art Zen Shiatsu, which tends to seep into my birth work through my knowledge and awareness of the energetic body of the meridian systems of Masunaga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Through my work as a birth doula, I offer birth companionship. During our prenatal sessions, we look at your birth intentions, questions or concerns and we may also work with the body to root your intentions and to find rituals of release and other tools that serve useful during the birth. I am there to support the setup your have chosen, family members included, or to support you in finding the setup you would feel the most happy with. I am there to support a space that is free from factors that shift your focus away from yourself as you birth, while offering continuous emotional and physical encouragement and comfort. I am there to support you in making informed decisions, while reminding you to listen to your intuition. I stay with you until you and your baby have settled in and my companionship includes one postnatal visit to discuss your birth.

My postpartum doula work is on one side focused on supporting you in caring for your new born baby. This includes answering your questions and give tips regarding things like baby sleep, soothing and breastfeeding. I can also give you space to rest, by caring for your baby. On the other side I support your postpartum healing, by advising on bodily matters and guiding you through gentle breathing work and centering practices and discussing the birth to support your emotional-spiritual transitioning into parenthood. I can also cook healthy and healing meals for you and help you with simple housework or errands, freeing up space for you to simply rest or spend the time bonding with your baby.

* * *

During the last year of my yoga teacher training I specialized in pre- and postnatal Hatha Yoga and Pranayama and wrote a thesis called “Physically, emotionally and energetically in alignment with the Self while creating life.” It is an in depth study of the support Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, mediation and an understanding of the subtle aspects of our beings, can offer during pregnancy, birth and postpartum healing. Whilst doing research for and writing this text I learned how expectant parents are often address in terms of separation – their bodies separate from their spiritual-emotional Selves – and the ways their bodies were handled was frequently highly functionalized, as if making a baby was just another task in life that one does best not thinking much about it. Sometimes and worse, bodies were handled without respect or without consent. Also during my first pregnancy did I struggle to find a space where I felt fully and completely included as a whole being. It became my calling to put expectant parent in touch with their innermost selves and invite them to simply listen, as a first step to find and to honour the voices of their bodies, which creates a foundation for cultivating intuition and self-trust –two tools I believe are of utmost importance for how a person feels in pregnancy and birth. When one feels supported, birth can be an incredibly empowering experience, where one steps into one’s truth in whole new ways and gets to know strengths one may not have known one possessed – and the most important support we can get is the one we offer ourselves. My focus when working with expectant parents is for them to tune in as I invite them to let that intuitive voice guide them through whatever they are going through in order to work out what their needs are, what they feel the most comfortable with or what being supported actually means for them.  As a firm believer in the power of mind-body connections, I like to involve the physical body in the work I do prenatally in preparation for the birth, through prenatal yoga and Pranayama. The strengthening and releasing of the body reflects on multiple levels and help to anchor intentions of the mind, into the body, remove physical tension caused by mental or emotional stress and prepares my clients for an embodied birth. If in many other places the pregnant body is measured, weighted and calculated, I want to provide a sacred and safe space where parents to be can move towards alignment and connection throughout all aspects of themselves.