Summer Solstice Sun Salute Ritual and Sound Bath – A celebration that shines light on the source of light itself

No day feels more suited to celebrate Surya, symbol of the Sun, than the Midsummer Solstice. An invitation to explore the presence and power of Surya in our lives and how our practice of Surya Namaskar forms a continuous bond between us and the Source of Light. 

On this day I am offering a special extended Summer Solstice Surya Yagna session where we will look at the sacred sequence and the philosophical, energetic and physical messages tied to its potential. The flow consisting of 108 movements is followed by balancing Yin Yoga, accompanied by sounds of the Gong and an intention setting ceremony.  

The Midsummer Solstice, June 21st  – 19-21:15 in the Birth Of Light Shala, via alloro 129. Price: 16/18€ (sign up with a friend and the price is 16€ per person, otherwise 18€). Get in touch with me to register.

Pawanmukta and Asana

Return to the basis to build strength and cultivate mobility that allows you to flow lightly through your yoga practice — and life. The Pawanmultasana series for removing physical, mental and psychic obstacles, was first developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. It is a practice that equally liberates and empowers and in many senses reminds us of modern Pilates. This course begins on May 18th and takes place every following Thursday always at 9:30, with  the final session falling on June 15th. Price for the five sessions is 55€. Send me a message directly to sign up.

Movement and Meditation 16.5-20.6

Movement that liberates the body and meditation that sets the mind free. Meet yourself in a deep and dynamic flow that illuminates your path to the peace within you. Part of this course will happen outdoors at a private rooftop on Piazza Magione. Intermediate level. Starting on May 16th, we meet every week Tuesdays 19:30, with the 6th session happening on June 20th. The price for the 5+1 sessions is 55€. Send me a message directly to sign up.

The Sattvic Spring Reset and Morning Sadhana Immersion 27.3-7.4

With spring arrives our awakening. Every part of us is affected by the things we consume – material and otherwise. Many of us hold on dearly to certain rituals and habits, so much indeed that we cling to them, without receiving the comfort they once provided. A Sattvic Reset offers the chance to release that which weighs us down and realign our choices with what serves us through change and transformation. An act of peeling off the layers to become simultaneously more whole and more free. 

It’s time for the yearly spring time Sattvic Reset and Morning Sadhana Immersion. Shed the wintery heaviness and turn to movement, nourishment and self care to support yourself as the world around us transforms. 

For the fourth spring in a row now, we come together every morning Monday to Friday at 06:30-07:30 CET for two weeks, while in varying degree – depending on our intention – focusing on clearing, purifying and nourishing. This is a group process of going deeply within supported by one another, but sharing is completely voluntary. You will be provided with all the guidelines needed for the cleanse. Additional deep individual guidance available, but excluded from the prices listed here. Price for a single week 50€ (x5 group classes, Sattvic worksheet, group support) Price for the complete course 90€ (x10 group classes, Sattvic worksheet and group support). The exact dates are 27.3- 31.3 and 3.4-7.4 and this course is fully zoom based.

The Postural Practice: Thursdays 09:30-10:30 – 2.3-30.3.2023

The way you carry your body – or the way it carries you – is a language on its own that is in constant communication with the world. Awareness is harmony between what is happening within you and what you transmit. Openness takes place when there is a balance between you and the Earth below your feet. Union is when time spent in autopilot becomes presence and presence becomes you in continuous connection of body, breath and mind. This course is fully booked, but there is a waiting list.

This five week course begins March the 2nd and runs every Thursday at 09:30 for five weeks ending on March 30th. Total price for the five sessions is 55€. Fully booked.

Subtle Anatomy Part II: Chakra to transcend the Self – Tuesday 19:30 – 28.2-28.3.2023 – Deep and dynamic Hatha Flow

Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self. The first three chakras are concerned with creating the boundaries for this Self to exist safely in this world. The next four chakras instead deconstruct these limits, as the Self beyond separateness, indeed is limitless. Join this journey and meet a new vaster dimension of your Self each step of the way.

This five week course forms the second and final part of our deep exploration of our Subtle Anatomy. Beginning on February the 28th, it runs every Tuesday at 19:30 for five weeks ending on March 28th. Total price for the five sessions is 55€. Fully booked.

Subtle Anatomy Part I: Chakra for the growing Self Tuesday 19:30 24.1-21.2.2023 – Deep and dynamic Hatha Flow

Chakra is the system of knowledge that attempts to map out the vastness of our subtle nature. Accessing and comprehending this inner guidance is the path of our transcendental growth. Knowledge that simultaneously connects and dissolves and allows us to unlock dimensions of our existence. 

This five week course forms part I of II courses that look at Subtle Anatomy. Beginning on January 17th, it runs every Tuesday at 19:30 for five weeks ending on February 14th. Total price for the five sessions is 55€. Places are limited so get in touch if you are interested in taking part.

Peace, Power and Pelvic floor: a five week course to explore and understand the pelvic floor through breath, movement and meditation – Wednesdays 9:30 – 25.1-22.2.2023 – Restorative Hatha

The pelvic floor forms the base not just in our Asana practice, but in all areas of life. It sustains the stability of the structures of the body and the functions of our organ health. It is the inner Earth, Mooladhara, the fertile ground from where all life springs. 

This five week course, starting on January 18th, runs every Wednesday morning at 9:30 for five weeks ending on February 15th. Total price for the five sessions is 55€. Places are limited so get in touch if you are interested in taking part.

Embrace the Darkness – Restorative Yin Flow to support you through the darkest times of the year – December 2022

As darkness begins to settle more compactly around us and the days are running short, release your resistance and let yourself be held in its embrace. Yin Yoga allows an unfolding, revealing our true nature as whole, consisting of both the light and the dark. A gentle and still self discovery of wholeness and acceptance.

Five deep and restorative Yin Flow sessions leading up to the Winter Solstice Wednesday dec. 21st with an special class featuring a Winter Solstice Ritual. For the third year in a row this course will nourish you through the winter. Sessions fall on Thursdays nov. 24th, dec. 1st, 8th, 15th and Wednesday the 21st – 8PM cet. Price for the five sessions including five ambient playlists and all classes recorded for your download: 40€ (zoom) and 50€ (Shala – for this option places are strictly limited). To sign up send me an email (

Karma, the Divine Chain – Mindful and Intentional in Every Action

Yoga is a path of letting go of the separateness held between ourselves and the world. In Karma Yoga the dissolution of the ego happens through service. It is a practice of presence, wholeness and togetherness that brings us to a deeper understanding of the impact of each of our thoughts, actions and words. 

Karma, the Divine Chain – Mindful and Intentional in Every Action is a new dynamic Yoga course in the Birth Of Light Palermo Shala, starting 2.11 and running every Wednesday at 9:30AM for five weeks (only in person/not online). The price for the five sessions is 50€. Places are limited so write me if you feel the calling ♡

Yoga – A breath led journey that leads home to the Self.

Easily we assume where we need to go is ahead, over there, far far into the future – to arrive where we are meant to go. In other moments the past is what catches our attention making us believe it is there something needs to be ‘fixed’ for us to be complete. In a time that in so many ways is structured by an imagined separateness, the wholeness of the present moment seems like an impossible destination. But this is all an illusion. Your true nature is the grounded base of your being. Where you need to go is inside. Yoga helps us find our way there again and again. 

Yoga – A breath led journey that leads home to the Self is a five chapter course, that will take place Tuesdays 19:30-20:45, starting 11.10.22 in the Birth Of Light Shala Palermo (only in person/not online) Places are limited. 50€ for five 75 min sessions complete with yoga, pranayama, deep reflection and meditation. To sign up send me an email (

10 Day Autumn Reset Morning Challenge

An offering as summer slowly turns into fall – Our Sadhana is an endless source of support and depth in our lived experience. The work we do on the mat shifts depending on what we seek in each season of life. This seasonal junction of summer meeting fall, we will come together every morning for 10 days to move through a dynamic, deep, and complete Sadhana. Much can happen in 10 days when we show up for ourselves.

A chance to liberate, release, reset and centre. Zoom / Every morning 6:30-7:30am cet / Monday-Friday / 12.9-23.9 / 40€ per single week or 67€ for both (making 8€/6.7€ per class) – You can also use your Birth Of Light class card for this course (or part class card, part payment depending on what’s available on your card). To sign up send me an email ( and I will provide you with the details you need to access the course.

10 Day Sattvic Spring Morning Challenge

Take the chance to do a full body reset, releasing the stagnant heavy energy of winter and opening up to flow with the waves of lightness brought to us by brighter mornings and warmer days. Alongside waking up everyday for an expansive, uplifting practice, we will explore how to optimally nourish our bodies and souls through a Sattvic purification process. The morning challenge is ideal for those who have little time to practice, as it takes place at a time out of your usual schedule – 6:30-7:30AM cet and runs Monday-Friday for two weeks with a total of ten classes. 

April 18th to 29th. Join one week or both. Price per week is 40€ or 67€ for both (40€ for five classes or 67€ for all ten classes). Sign up so you can receive the Sattvic information sheet. 

Spring Equinox Yoga and Sound Bath Brunch Circle 

The Spring Equinox doesn’t just represent the beginning of spring – it marks the start of the astrological new year. Cultures all around the world has been celebrating this shift since ancient times. A time to reflect, come together, practice and take part in a circle of exchange, accompanied by a delicious brunch. Sunday 20th of March starting at 10AM. with a deep nourishing Yin Yang practice, taking us into a sound bath, followed by brunch and circle. The circle ends around 1PM. Price: 25€ or 40€ for two. Places are strictly limited. Write me to sign up.

Palermo Women’s Circle and Yoga Brunch

A deep and nourishing Yin Yang Yoga Flow, followed by an abundant and wholesome Ayurvedic brunch. Hosted by me and Clarissa in the Birth Of Light Shala in Via Alloro. Price: 25€ per person or 40€ total if you come with a friend. Booking required -> fully booked, get in touch to get on the waiting list.

Yin, Yamas and Niyamas – Yogic wisdom on and off the mat

The Yamas and Niyamas form the two first of the eight limbs of Yoga, creating the foundational pillars of the Yogic path. In the Yoga Sutras written some time in the 2nd to 4th century CE, mysterious Patanjali attempts to answer the question ‘what is yoga?’ 

The ethical aspect to this complex answer is offered by the Yamas and Niyamas, where the Yamas give us guidance on how to treat the world and the five Niyamas how to treat the Self in this life time. Embodied philosophy to let you tap into new depths in your yoga practice. 

This course explores this ancient yogic philosophy through YIN Asana, Pranayama and meditation. 

Starting 10.1.22, running every Monday evening 8-9pm, until 14.3.22. Get in touch to sign up.

Closing one chapter to open another – Letting go and intention setting Flow

A time to process, set free and release, giving space for that which we want to welcome into the new year.

Thursday 30.12 at 8pm cet on zoom. A journal will serve you for this practice.

Embrace the Darkness Winter Yin Yoga course

Mid-November as the darkness begins to settle more compactly around us and the days are running short, we will seek comfort in its embrace. 

Yin-Yoga helps us feel held in the unknown and into allowing an unfolding of our Selves, as whole, containing both the light and the dark. 

Every Monday 8-9pm CET, we will practice together, deepening our understanding of the darkness of the universe, include that of our own, finishing the course on December 20th, the longest night of the year, the day before the Winter Solstice.

Monday November 22nd, 29th, December 6th, 13th and 20th (5 classes) Zoom 35€, live Palermo Shala 40€.

Seven Chakras, Seven Weeks – Subtle Anatomy within and throughout

When studying the Self through the lens of the Chakras, we look within in a wholly inclusive and inquisitive way. Opposites, paradoxes and contradictions become part of a greater whole, rather than edges that need smoothening. It is a path that helps us meet ourselves with a new understanding of our selves physically, psychologically and energetically – even evolutionarily Chakra theory helps us connect to the most primal parts of ourselves and our existence on this planet.

With our focus on the tantric seven Chakra system, from Mūlādhāra to Sahasrāra, over seven weeks we will rise along the spinal energy channel Shushumna Nadi, studying each Chakra and and with it seven layers of existence, consciousness and expression.

Apart from the weekly class we will continue to study the elements and presence of each chakra in our lives week by week between the sessions. At the end of the course you will have a greater understanding of where there is fluidity and flow and where the energy may be blocked or more stagnant. Furthermore we will explore ways to unblock such instances in order to live with openness within ourselves and in this world.

Join this course and find new ways to relate to yourself and learn how to use this awareness into soulful action and intuitive force. Tap into wholeness.

Seven Mondays 8-9pm CET starting October 4th and the final session falling on November 15th. 49€. Apart from the live sessions you will get the recording of each class to download. To sign up get in touch.

10 day Morning Challenge 6.9-17.9.21 (zoom)

Join our Autumnal Sunrise Reset Challenge, starting each day with a flowful connection to yourself, your breath and your body. As summer comes to an end there is a sense of new beginnings. Tune into this energy and manifest alertness, lightness and mindfulness with a daily sadhana as the sun rises. In this course we will also explore the potency of working with daily mantras, a powerful way to let the connection you find with your higher self in the attuned state of your practice, guide you throughout the day. 

September the 6th to the 17th, 6-7 AM Monday-Friday on Zoom. Join one or both weeks of this course for 35€ per five classes and week or 67€ for ten classes/both weeks. Sign up here.

Summer Solstice Inversion and Prana-Apana Balancing Workshop 21.6.21 10-11:30 (zoom)

For the summer solstice we come together for a very special ritual – on the longest day of the year, we will begin by practicing an inversion focused prana-apana balancing deep flow reflecting on the universal interdependence of darkness and light, followed by an intention setting ritual. 

This workshop takes place on Monday June the 21st at 10-11:30 on zoom. You will need a mat, a blanket, paper, pen, a candle and a small bowl for ashes. You can attend using your regular Birth Of Light class card or pay 9€ by PayPal. 

Yin Yang Yoga Charity Fundraiser for India 2.5.21 (zoom)

India needs us! Currently a wave of destruction and despair is hitting India. Its people need us. On Sunday May 2nd at 16/4pm we come together for a deep and extended practice of Yin and Yang Yoga. Join us as we flow from expansive YANG into the depth of YIN, while supporting the nation whose rich ancient culture plays such an essential part in our lives and day to day wellbeing and health. All proceedings go directly to Khalsa Aid India who work on a humanitarian basis to aid the current crisis across the country. Sunday 2.5.21 at 4-5:30pm CET – on donation basis with recommended donation 10€ (no Birth Of Light class cards for this one).

Sattvic Spring Circle 14.4-5.5.21 (zoom)

Connect to your source by shedding your heavy winter energy and tune in with the lightness of spring! This shift of blossoming and rebirth offers a powerful opportunity to reset. For three weeks, starting Wednesday April 14th, together we will let ancient Ayurvedic wisdom guide us towards our personal version of clarity, lightness, ease and peace. It is as much a physical as a mental and energetic reset. Anyone can join and the circle is free! We will have a telegram group and check in with each other and our progress on zoom every fourth day. The first introductory session takes place on Wednesday April 14th at 7pm on zoom. Get in touch to sign up!

10 day Morning Challenge 19-30.4.21 (zoom)

For the second and third week of the Sattvic Circle running Monday to Friday there is also the chance of joining our ten day morning challenge! Each day 19-23 + 26-30 April we flow for an hour at 6:15AM. Let yourself wake up to the true lightness of spring with this course, aimed at complimenting the Sattvic Circle by creating space and ease through body and mind while opening up to our own strength and power. This course focuses especially on the various Surya Namaskar of the Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga traditions and their diverse expressions of physical and subtle energy. The ten lessons that run over two weeks are 67€ total or you can sign up by the week for 35€. To sign up get in touch

Dynamic Pelvic Floor Awareness Course (zoom)

The pelvic floor is our Earth connection. At the core of this connection we seek to maintain simultaneous Sthira and Sukha: steady support and supportive ease. Not sure of how your pelvic floor is doing? That’s a great reason to do our upcoming course where we will assess and explore the pelvic floor and how the rest of the body is affected by it – as well as the other way around. Because the ways we sit, stand, move and breathe all influence the way our pelvic floor functions. Join us as we explore what support and foundation means in a physical, energetic and emotional sense. 

The course will take place on Zoom every Monday over five weeks at 8-9pm CET, starting Monday March the 15th and costs 35€ per person. Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor is essential for everybody, but especially important for new mums and those planning to conceive. If you are pregnant and would like to take part, please mention this so we can discuss if it’s possible for you. Get in touch for the details and to sign up.

Sattvic Winter Circle

A Sattvic purification is a yogic cleanse that in a very non-aggressive way allows us to understand better what ideal nourishment of our bodies (as well as minds and souls) looks like. This January we will go through a three week Sattvic Purification circle, where together we take time away from the regular ways we go about with our bodies – eating, moving, being – to see if we can come closer in alignment with just what we need to maintain clarity, lightness and ease within and without. Starting on January the 6th with our first zoom meeting at 9pm, the purification process begins on the 7th and from then on we will speak every third evening to check in how we are doing and to support each other. It’s free to take part and all sessions happen online so you can join from wherever you are. Get in touch with me to join! 

Ayurvedic Flows January 2021

As part of our Sattvic Purification Circle we deepen our understanding of the Doshas, an integral part of Samkhya philosophy, through movement and breath – join these sessions of Ayurvedic Flows as we explore how we feel and relate with each of these distinct, yet within us intrinsic, energies. Sessions: VATA 14.1.21, PITTA 22.1.21 and KAPHA 26.1.21 (zoom), always at 8-9pm cet.

Entering the Darkness Yin Yoga course December 2020

During December I will offer a four week Entering the Darkness Yin Yoga course. The sessions will take place on Mondays at 8:30pm cet and finish on the darkest night of the year, December 21st, the Winter Solstice. Yin yoga is a practice of letting go of activity and surrendering to stillness in the body and the mind. Midst the darkest time of the year, stepping back and slowing down allows us to reconnect, centre and find our own light burning within. This course will take place in Palermo and online simultaneously. The sessions fall on the following dates: November 30th. December 7th, 14th and 21st. Price is 35€ for all four sessions if you attend the course in person and 25€ for attending it virtually.  To book, click here.

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