Lactation Counsellor

There are as many ways to go about feeding our babies as there are families. Breastfeeding is a learning process that requires both fluidity and structure. When we speak about breastfeeding we often refer to the breastfeeding parent and baby or child as the dyad and each dyad indeed is absolutely unique. Even the same breastfeeding parent with subsequent child will differ from previous experience. Breastfeeding can be a complex, tender journey that unfolds into its own natural flow, asking only for patience and space. Make sure you have the right support as you go.

Breastfeeding – an embodiment of love. 

My breastfeeding companionship as a lactation counsellor is intuitive and supportive wherever you are on this journey. Showing up in the postpartum intimate parent-child bonding space, no matter if in the early newborn days or during the toddler years, requires a sense of absolute softness. Being able to offer real support requires experience, knowledge and presence. My goal is that you feel seen in all ways. listened to and supported to explore the ways breastfeeding works best for you, your baby and your family. This way, breastfeeding can be an enormous resource with countless benefits for the health of your baby and you and become in itself a supportive pillar of your day to day life for however long feels right. 

Breastfeeding Preparation Course

Breastfeeding education is part of basic postpartum planning, yet rarely included in the many things we do to prepare for baby’s arrival. The Birth Of Light Breastfeeding Preparation Course is offered 1:1 in a single session that spans over 75-90 minutes. This is a great way to prepare over all and especially for those first precious minutes, hours and days with your baby in your arms – a time that holds incredible potential for the whole breastfeeding journey to come. Focus is on latch, biological nurturing, breastfeeding anatomy, positioning and being able to understand when further support is needed, before a problem arises. 

When is the lactation counsellor supportive?

  • During the first newborn days figuring out this whole breastfeeding your newborn baby thing.
  • Whenever gentle guidance, additional opinion or support feel needed.
  • When teething, during a growth spurt or if baby gets ill – this will often affect the nursing needs and rhythm and support can feel welcome.
  • Baby-initiated nursing strikes and how to cope and maintain supply.
  • When weaning – especially if parent led. 


The process of ending the breastfeeding journey and the reasons behind this decision is just like the rest – unique and personal. It is a decision that must never feel neither rushed or forced, nor judged. Regardless of why one choses to wean, there are different weaning paths to choose from, depending on the needs of parent and baby or toddler. As a lactation counsellor I am there to help you navigate the many choices and create a structure and rhythm that suits you. My support comes in the form of either in person / virtual-online counselling or the Birth Of Light Gentle Weaning Workbook. 

Breastfeeding support is available in English, Italian, Swedish and German Palermo-wide and by video or phone call. I offer counselling on short notice whenever I can. Get in touch for my support.

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