My name is Emma and I am a yoga teacher and birth and postpartum doula. I work with the body – the physical, emotional and energetic body and I seek to bring all the aspects of ourselves as beings together because I want to create centeredness, wholeness and healing on all the different levels that constitute us.

In my work as a Hatha yoga and Pranayama teacher I do this through movement and stillness and a continuous focus inward, inviting my students and clients to explore their Selves with acceptance and compassion by arriving into the simplicity and beauty and sometimes bliss of the experience of being present with their bodies in that moment. I believe that living with ease comes from the essence of present acceptance – learning to simply observe what is, rather than rejecting what we feel, who we are or our response to things we go through. It is not just a key to healing, but a path towards deep and profound self-knowledge.

As this creates an anchor for my actions, it also lays the foundation to my teachings and for the work I do as a doula supporting expectant parents through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Much of the work I do as a doula reflects these beliefs so yoga is part of the support I offer. I believe that a person who has an understanding of their own body is better set up for the challenges of pregnancy and birth through a greater readiness to listen to their own body, respect it and support themselves. Because the support one can offer oneself, truly trusting one’s body and spirit, is the most important support one can get on this journey. I am there to guide you to that knowledge and to the place of eternal bodily wisdom and strength that is within us, even if you do not know or believe it at first.

Whether I’m working with a parent to be, a private yoga client or one my group classes, I see myself as a space holder, intuitively channelling what is needed in order for barriers that hold us back from our truth, to be removed and for us to open up to the present with awareness, acceptance and trust.

I am also a mother, daughter, sister, lover, dog mama and true torus passionate about cooking, grounding and growing, currently working and living in Palermo, Italy.